Prague Winter


A celebration of Prague:  my photo and Madeleine Albright’s words (from her book Prague Winter).

“On a hill in Prague there is a castle that has stood for a thousand years.  From its windows one can see a forest of gilded cupolas and baroque towers, slate roofs and sacred spires.  Visible too are the stone bridges spanning the broad and winding Vltava River as its waters flow northward at a leisurely pace.  Through the centuries, the beauty of Prague has been enriched by the labor of artisans from a plethora of nationalities and creeds; it is a Czech city with a variety of accents, at its best in spring when the fragrant blossoms of the lindens burst forth, the forsythia turns gold, and the skies seem an impossible blue.  The people, known for their diligence, resilience, and pragmatism, look forward each winter to when the days lengthen, the breezes soften, the trees regain their covering, and the river banks issue a silent summons to play.”   Madeleine Albright, Prague Winter.


7 thoughts on “Prague Winter

  1. A lovely photo and a beautiful description of Prague in Madeleine Albright’s words (I believe she was a refugee from their originally?). We’ve been once in a stifling summer heatwave – it was wonderful even with the crowds and sultry humidity!

    1. You’re right, she was a refugee from there– which really brought a depth to her statesmanship and diplomacy, I think. We were also there in the summer and it was very toasty. I’d love to make a winter trip some day! Or an autumn or spring trip. Any trip there, really.

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