Cool Cats of Provence

So you think you’re a hepcat?  You can’t touch the cool of these guys in Provence.


They own the town.   You will be tolerated. . .or possibly ignored altogether.


We tried to talk to this guy (loved his beautiful racoon tail!), but he could care less about befriending us.  (He was French, he was a cat, we were clearly below him.)



And we fared no better with his neighbor:

I am a cat, not a doorstop.

But we did run across a few cats who weren’t too cool to have a little fun:

These guys were playing peek a boo.

A few more of my favorite cool cats in Provence:

PicMonk cool cats prov


Who wouldn’t want to be a cat in France?

cool cat - Copy



17 thoughts on “Cool Cats of Provence

  1. It’s been years since I’ve been in Provence, but I do remember the cats. Despite our best efforts (and our best French), they ignored us. The only exception was a red cat in a cherry orchard, who rode on my shoulders until we met some people eating ham sandwiches. For some reason, he found them more appealing.

    1. Charming story– I’d love to meet a red cat in a cherry orchard! Yes, the cats seemed to be of a piece with the Provencial character: lovely, proud, particular about things, intriguing . . . and so very French!

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