Hellbrunn Palace Christmas Market

Salzburg, Austria


Hellbrunn Palace was built 400 years ago by the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg as a summer residence and pleasure palace, and I’m sure it fit the bill perfectly. DSC_0221 The palace is stunning and the grounds are lovely, boasting fountains and an outdoor theater (and today a children’s play area).  Plenty of tour buses make this stop while zipping around Salzburg–often to pay homage to the gazebo that now stands on its property.    It’s the gazebo from The Sound of Music movie.

What drew us in yesterday was the Christmas Market.  As we pulled into Salzburg for a few days, we made this our first stop, and it surely did not disappoint.  Hellbrunn has one of the nicest Christmas Markets I’ve ever seen– local craftsman and bakers selling really nice goods and delicious food.  There’s also a small animal petting zoo/creche area that is absolutely charming and really sets the tone for the season as we creep up to the humble nativity scene of Christmas day.

For me, this market was perfection.









11 thoughts on “Hellbrunn Palace Christmas Market

  1. I was not able to see inside the palace due to short time. I saw the architecture from outside which is definitely great. Salzburg has a lot to offer and I have to go back…

    1. Definitely worth a return visit–great city. We didn’t see the inside of the palace either. I was under the impression that it wasn’t open yesterday, but, honestly, I was so enamored of the market and the grounds that I didn’t really bother trying to cross the threshold of the palace. (Maybe next time.) All the best!

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