Salzburg in Sepia

Tucked below the headlines of terror yesterday was another sad note, from a very uplifting life.  Charmain Carr, the actress who played Liesl in The Sound of Music, has died.  For all of us who love the movie, or love the story and spirit of the real von Trapp family, or love the city of Salzburg– and this must surely include a lot of us– this news is sure to prompt a moment of reflection.

I offer a small tribute here:  photos of Salzburg and the Villa Trapp in a muted sepia.

The Hohensalzburg Fortress rises over the city streets.


St. Peter’s Cemetery, Salzburg. Familiar from the movie Sound of Music, and a beautiful, poignant place to visit.  The von Trapps didn’t actually have to hide out here, but it’s a lovely and historical spot.  We walked through two days before Christmas, and families were placing small Christmas trees before the larger graves and preparing the trees with candles to be lit for the holiday.  


Another remarkable view from St. Peter’s, with the Hohensalzburg looming large.


Outside of Salzburg, at Hellbrunn Palace. A quiet spot for anyone who is, or feels like they are, 16 going on 17.  For a time, the gazebo was open for visitors to come, sit, enjoy, and maybe (maybe?) sing a little.  After an elderly woman fell and broke a bone–apparently having slipped and fallen while reenacting the scene where Liesl leaps from one bench to the next, all the while singing– the gazebo was locked for good. (An unfortunate end to her escapades, but I bet it was totally worth it.)    Today, you may pay your respects, but you may no longer sing and dance. 


The elegant Villa Trapp, home of the von Trapp family in earlier times. Now a boutique hotel, a truly delightful, historical, and hospitable place to stay.