32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Venice

    1. Thanks for dropping by! We were in Venice in November and had that late autumn sun that produces a certain mood of light. It was beautiful. I did find myself wondering if the city would look different in full summer sun. Maybe I’ll have to make a summertime visit someday to find out. : )

      1. It’s gorgeous all year round… just be careful not to go when there’s a danger of “acqua alta ” flooding … though that could also be an experience 🙂

    1. So true. Before we went, I thought I knew what it would look like–I’d seen so many photos. But it is true– to stand in that city and turn 360 degrees is just to be overwhelmed. It is an amazing place. Love, love, love Venice!

    1. Glad I could be of service! We were in Venice last November (a year ago), and I miss it too. (In fact, that’s what prompted me to rummage through photos and post a few yesterday.)

    1. Oh please do post– I’d love to see your photos! How often have you been there? We just made the one trip a year ago, but I absolutely adored Venice. Hope to go back again some day.

    1. Lucky you!! I wish I was there. These photos are actually from this time last year. (I’m presently in Florida, where it’s balmy and an alligator is stalking our backyard. Not very holiday-like, so I pulled out some European photos yesterday to bolster my holiday spirits, and posted a few of Venice.)

  1. This looks beautiful! I am dying to go to Venice. I just visited Milan and it was my first trip to Italy. I LOVED it. I am learning Italian. Just absolutely loved the culture and the language. Hopefully going to Italy again for my birthday (Rome, Florence or Venice). Great photos!

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