7 thoughts on “The View from Below: Ripon Cathedral

    1. Thanks. It was a nice angle for a photo. I used to attend services in this cathedral regularly, but always entered from the other side–which is also lovely, but sits right on the street. This view is stunning.

  1. So you’ve arrived in Ripon? You may know if you’ve seen my blog that it’s a really bad time for us, and we are only intermittently here at the moment, which is a shame. I’d love to have met you if you’d had time. Enjoy your nostalgia-stay anyway!

    1. Yes! We spent a little time in Ripon with friends and stopping by Betty’s and the Black Sheep Brewery, then moved on to Cambridge. And London. Some sun, some rain–a very British turn of weather! I have seen your blog lately, and wish your family comfort. Phil sounds like he was an extraordinary man, and fine family.

    1. If you are in the Harrogate area, Ripon is lovely. If you ever do stop by, you should have scones in the town square at the Wakeman’s cafe, or a pint at the One Eyed Rat, or have a meal at The Royal Oak or Balti House (on Kirkgate close to the cathedral) or at Lockwood’s (just off the town square).

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