Untitled (Washington, DC … 2017)

December 30, 2017, Washington, DC

It might be more appropriate to call this “multi-titled,” rather than “untitled.”  In my mind, it’s a toss up between “On Thin Ice” and “The Beginning of the Thaw.”  Either title could describe both the photo and the general tenor of D.C. at the moment, but I’m not sure which is most appropriate this week.

Today the government is back up and moving and the weather has finally warmed, so things are looking up.  On the other hand, it’s still the dead of winter and, you know, mercurial D.C. politics are exhausting.  For now, I choose the non-committal and non-partisan “Untitled.”

Still, it’s a great photo.  If you’ve spent any time in D.C., you’ll recognize the spot.  I was standing at the foot of the stairs to the Lincoln Memorial (which is to my back) and looking onto the reflecting pool, with the Washington Monument and the Capitol in the distance.

I don’t recommend venturing out onto the reflecting pool, even after a deep freeze.  Even worse to do it in large numbers. Immediately after I snapped this photo, one knucklehead fell through the ice.  (Not to worry: the pool is shallow.  Still, the cold and humiliation must have stung badly.)  So there you go, the curse of thin ice.



Winter: Strasbourg, France



The Rhineland-Pfalz is just crawling out of a cold snap– if winter was sluggish about arriving for the holidays, it caught up to us with a vengeance last week.  Flurries, ice, streets and lawns that didn’t thaw.  Winter.

Paying my respects to the season, here are a few winterish photos from a trip to Strasbourg, France last winter–another frightfully cold week.

DSC_0779 - Copy





Actually, this photo is from December 2015--Christmas trees by the altar area--but too pretty to leave out of the post.
Actually, this photo is from December 2015–Christmas trees by the altar area–but too pretty to leave out of the post.