Mt. Rigi, Switzerland



Friday in the Frame: Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge)

Lucerne, Switzerland

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There are some places that make you remember what it feels like to really breathe.  For me, Switzerland is one of those places.  It’s crisp, it’s open, it’s beautiful.  In Lucerne, you are surrounded by glorious mountains, but you never feel landlocked.  The sky above is expansive and feels even more so because it is reflected in the clear lake water.  The mood is tranquil, even though you are surrounded by other tourists.


Friday seems like an appropriate day to be writing about bridges and breathing.  Sometimes Friday is that transition point out of a busy week and into a relaxing weekend, that point where you remember to breathe and look out at the world around you.

How long has it been since you lifted your head from that pile of papers on your desk or whatever other concerns you were juggling?  If it’s been a while, then breathe deep–it’s Friday!  Here are some more photos of Lucerne to get your weekend started.

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Looking Out My Back Door: on Lake Lucerne

Looking out my backdoor. No, really– the view from my hotel window.

Evidence of travel aside, I am a homebody at heart– a creature of habit, a conscript of cozy.  But travel is glorious too–new sights, new sounds, new smells, new tastes.  When I am lucky enough to marry these things–to thrill to the new while being wrapped in a happy blanket of cozy– that is a joyful day.  A recent trip to Lake Lucerne in Switzerland delighted me with just that experience.  Here are a few photos and brief thoughts on the stay.

Night begins to fall on Lake Lucerne, by our hotel in Weggis
Night begins to fall on Lake Lucerne– by our hotel in Weggis
Bright buildings and green hills.
Bright buildings and green hills.


A cozy spot to rest at the foot of the Alps.
A cozy spot to rest at the foot of the Alps.
In the city of Lucerne
In the city of Lucerne
Lovely Lake Lucerne and the Alps
Lovely Lake Lucerne and the Alps

We drove from Germany to Luzern/Lucerne, and we spent our first day wandering around that town and drinking in her beauty.  From Lucerne, we drove a short distance around the lake until we came to Weggis, where we set up camp for a few days.  Our hotel was small and comfortable, and about as hospitable as any place I’ve ever been.  The staff made us hot cocoa, coffee, or ice cream whenever we wanted (Yes, please!), and the morning breakfast was taken in a room that reminded me so much of old university or church spaces in England.  Absolutely charming.

After watching the sun set on the lake and tucking in for a good night’s sleep, we got up to tackle a hike to the summit of Mt. Riggi the next day.  The weather was accommodating, and the views from the summit (as well as all along the hike) were fantastic!  I’ve posted some photos from Rigi already, and I’m sure more will come in the days ahead.

That night we had dinner in Weggis and tucked in for another good night’s sleep, nestled cozily in the comfiest bed, in the friendliest hotel, in the prettiest little town, around a magical sparkling lake, in the heart of the world’s most picturesque mountains.

As John Fogerty once said, “Bother me tomorrow; today I’ll buy no sorrow.  .  . Doo, doo,  doo lookin’ out my backdoor.”