New Christmas Images

Re-blogging this from the wonderful Mark Sunderland, who takes amazing photos of Yorkshire. These Christmas photos feature my one-time home of Ripon and neighboring Harrogate. They put me in a festive mood! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Mark Sunderland Photography

I’ve been out and about locally adding a few new Christmassy images , which may make an appearance in my 2020 range of calendars!

Montpellier Quarter in Harrogate at Dusk Christmas lights in the Montpellier Quarter at Harrogate

Montpellier Hill in Harrogate was looking particulatly pretty this year with white lights across the entrance to Montpellier Mews and Christmas trees in the shop windows.

Bettys in Harrogate at Dusk Red fairy lights in a tree at Bettys on Parliament Street in Harrogate

I prefer to shoot my Christmas images at dusk so that there’s a nice “blue hour” sky rather than later in the evening when the sky looks black.  The sky always looks lovely, but at this time of year dusk means around 4pm so it’s also very busy so it can be quite time consuming to get a few decent images!

Knaresborough Castle at Dusk Coloured lights on the King’s Tower at Knaresborough Castle

In Knaresborough this year the King’s ower at the…

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6 thoughts on “New Christmas Images

  1. Gorgeous photos of 2 places I know so well. My dad still lives in Harrogate – sadly my mother passed away in 2017 but we go over each year to visit our families and I’ll be up in Harrogate again after Easter. The fairy lights seem to be kept going all year round though they must be extra special at Christmas 🙂

    1. It is a lovely place. We made a trip back this time last year, but don’t get back as often as we’d like. I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s passing– that is a diffucult loss.

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