Update to “Moon Pies and Moon Landings”

DSC_0960This may come as a shock, but apparently my Moon Pie post was not as loopy as it sounded to many of you. Turns out Moon Pies (or Orion Choco-Pies, their Russian/Asian doppelganger) really are a propaganda piece in the machine of Cold War.  The present tensions between North and South Korea, that is.

My sister sent me a link to this very interesting article from The Daily Mail (UK)–looks like it was published today.


The opening lines of John Hall’s article read like this:

Chocs away! North Korea unleashes latest weapon against its rivals in the South – counterfeit Choco Pie cakes to rival delicacy available over the border

  • North Korea has a roaring black market in the popular Choco Pie snack
  • Sweet treats change hands for £3.60 in Pyongyang, but only 17p in Seoul 
  • So popular they are even used as alternative payment by some employers 
  • But Kim Jong-un is angry at the North’s love of a South Korean product 
  • He is now making his own Choco Pies in order to bring down their value 

Well, Mr. Kim Jong-un, the joke is on you.  You are just putty in the hands of the universal Moon Pie awakening.




2 thoughts on “Update to “Moon Pies and Moon Landings”

  1. Moon pies, apparently, rule the world…But all pale in comparison to the Southern (American) originals haha

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