Throwback Thursday, Music Man in Adana, Turkey

14 years ago, baby and me.  This kind man plays his Turkish Saz for us.
14 years ago, baby and me. This kind man is playing his Turkish Saz for us.

The year is 2000.  The day is hotter than Hades in downtown Adana, Turkiye. .  .but just when we think we will melt into the dust and sand, never to be seen again, we meet up with a very cool man and his storeful of Saz.    (Sazes?  Sazi?  Sazzzzzs? What would the plural be?)

He serenandes us and gives us a cassette tape of his songs to take with us  so that we can remember him after we get back on an airplane and return to our life in the States.  Which we will do just a few weeks later.

Fourteen years have passed, and my daughter won’t remember this moment. . . but I do.  So vividly that it still cools me on a hot day and reminds me what it felt like to hold her as a tiny child in my arms.


The Bread is Mightier Than the Sword

Metz, France–bakery in the covered market

As the French say,  le pain is mightier than the sword.

Okay, so they don’t say that, but somebody should, because:

DSC_0771 - CopyNumber one —  YUM

Number two—   You catch more flies with honeybuns

and Number three—   There is historical proof that it’s true.  In Metz, France, there is a gate in the Imperial Quarter that proves the point.  Down the side of the gate (the Porte Serpenoise), there is  a column commemorating an heroic event on April 9, 1473– “Surprised by the enemy, Saved by the baker Harelle.”

Now that’s history you can sink your teeth into!

Porte Serpenoise, from Wikipedia



The fabulous Marche Couvert in Metz.

The fabulous Marche Couvert in Metz.

If you visit Metz, swing by the Porte Serpenoise.   Then visit the incredible cathedral, and stop in at the Marche Couvert (the covered market)– it’s a great place to eat lunch; pick up fresh meats, cheeses, or produce; or nibble at the bakeries and pay tribute to the heroic baker Harelle.