Calling All Foodies: I Need a Plum Recipe!!


Our German landlord just brought us a bucket of plums from his property.  I would love to make a great plum kuchen, a tart, some jam, etc.    Any favorite recipes out there?  I’d love it if you’d share.

This morning, I’m launching into a spiced plum jam recipe:  a riff on the recipe found here  I may fiddle with the spices and add  a dash of rum.  We’ll see.

But I will still have half a bucket of plums left–so bring on your ideas. Any suggestions welcomed, and German recipes especially welcomed.


2 thoughts on “Calling All Foodies: I Need a Plum Recipe!!

  1. Sorry OT:
    Recipe for James.
    Aged goat cheese, encrust with pistachios, drizzle with honey/maple syrup, wrap in puff pastry.
    Bake in the oven 180-200C for about 20-30min, or until puff pastry is golden. Cheese should be oozy.
    Slice, drizzle with more honey/maple syrup.
    Serve with olive tapenade and anchovy.

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