Planes, Pains, and Automobiles



This blog is about to experience radio silence for a number of days while my husband and I pack a car with 2 dogs, 2 children, and too many suitcases and motor our way out of the deep South and up to the DC/Baltimore area to catch our plane.  modl t It will be a venture worthy of a John Candy and Steve Martin movie. . . Although, in my head, I see it playing out more like a Keystone Cops chase reel: frantic, flustered, hysterically funny but sometimes painful to watch, and all taking place at choppy double-time speed, accompanied by a warbling gin-joint soundtrack.   (If you need the visual, it goes something like this: )

Feel free to fill in the details of this misshapen trip in your own imagination.  Once we set up camp on the other end, I’ll send up a smoke signal.




3 thoughts on “Planes, Pains, and Automobiles

    1. Air conditioning and windshield wipers all a go! Car was packed to the hilt, but didn’t explode when we stuffed that one last bag in.
      Now hanging out in a Baltimore/BWI hotel with my entourage.

  1. You should now have the number in Katie’s phone so you can FaceTime us. All you need is wifi. Same for dad and Lark.

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