Wrigley Field, Chicago–100 years old today

I promised to regale you with tales of travels abroad, but I’m still stateside and this is an important digression…

Consider this:

  • Today is Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday
  • Wrigley falls within the realm of my travels.  We lived in Chicago ’92-94 and had an apartment with a view of Wrigley Field. (Granted, you had to look over the transient hotel across the street, and all of the fire engines regularly gathered there when the tenants threw flaming mattresses out the windows.  But if you could pull your eyes away from that spectacle, Wrigley Field stood proud in the distance.)
  • There’s nothing better than a Cubs game,  a chili dog,  and a 7th inning stretch with Harry Carray and company singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”
  • And who cares if the Cubs aren’t known for winning?  They’re known for the billy goat curse–that’s far more interesting. (Don’t know it?  Look it up–it involves a tavern owner and his smelly billy goat being expelled from the park in the 30’s or 40’s.  The owner, subsequently, cursed Wrigley Field.  Silly?  The team hasn’t gone to the world series since the 40’s.  I’m just sayin’.  A goat curse is way cooler than a winning streak.)

So today I’m celebrating America’s best:  Cubs baseball, chili dogs, and maybe I’ll even serve up a little apple pie.  God Bless America!

Check out this amusing article on CBS: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/wrigley-field-celebrates-100th-birthday/