TGIF: Autumn in les Tuileries, Paris

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The first thing we did after arriving in Paris last weekend and dropping our bags at the hotel was to stroll down to les Tuileries gardens, just a block or two away.  We had been here back in June and loved the festive summer vibe of the space: cropped-gedc01381.jpg children were running, jumping, sailing their boats in the ponds; adults were lazily watching and talking.  The sky was a fantastic azure blue; the air was sweet with the scent of flowers in bloom.

DSC_0257 - Copy November in les Tuileries has its own vibe– more subdued, but no less wonderful.  For the most part, chairs were empty and people strolled rather than sat; leaves fell and the breeze blew lackadaisically; cafes offered up vin chaud (mulled wine); and all was right with the world.

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Viva les four seasons!  Viva les Tuileries!