Halloween: This Old House

The house in Germany:  although we’ve packed up and left it, it hasn’t left us.


Images of autumn and Halloween are starting to flood the internet, and I’m sitting here in Florida thinking that it’s still too hot to plant pansies, wear a sweater, or start the full-on (and often pumpkin inspired) baking frenzy that I feel compelled to throw myself into this time of year.  (I bake in the autumn the way birds migrate: I can’t help myself, it seems to be woven into the fabric of my being.)

I love my new environs in Florida, for all of the reasons this place inspires love:  the dolphins I’ve watched in the past week; the great horned owl who graces our backyard; the glistening bay, beach, and boat docks that I walk to with my dog every evening.

But the interminable summer is a little frustrating for a girl who loves four seasons.  So today, I give you this wistful image– the old house in Germany in a tinted Halloween mashup.  Old, creaky, spooky, beautiful . . . and autumnal.




Happy Halloween!!



* JNW’s Halloween Challenge

This Old House: Your First Questions and Observations Answered


lego castleOur house sparks a little interest, a little concern, and a little inquisitiveness in folks.  So I thought I’d answer a few queries and concerns here.

Question Number One:  A friend came over for dinner with us and brought his eight year old son.  When we answered the front door, the son just stood there, looking up, then to the left and right.  “Is this a castle?” he asked.

Answer:  No, this is not a castle.  But it could play one on TV.

Question  Worrisome Observation Number Two:  I was standing in the kitchen, looking out the front window the other day when my son and daughter came walking home from school.  They stopped in front of the house and had a very animated conversation with a couple of kids from down the street.  Then those kids ran off  quick as lightening.        When my brood came inside, I asked them what that was all about.  “They said our house looks spooky,” was the response I got.

In answer:  Yeah, I guess it is a little spooky.  And you haven’t even seen the utility bills.   Aiieee!

(Drum Roll) The Most Frequently Asked Question:   Is it haunted?

Answer:  Thank goodness, nothing scary so far.  Some very creaky floor boards, and a few weird smells (possibly the house, possible my tweenage son), but nothing ghoulish.   If that ever changes, you’ll hear all about it.


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