Irrepressible Epiphany

Update to “Modern Epiphany.” DSC_0620 - Copy

Wisdom will out.

When my village’s new modern standard for the Epiphany holiday–let’s call it “Dial a King”– baffled and discouraged me . . . and, worse yet, when I lost the phone number and couldn’t dial the Wise Men to request a visit,  wisdom did out anyway.

Last night, the Heilige Drei Konig (3 holy kings) came to visit my home. Unbiden but hoped for, they appeared.   Ahhh, life is sweet.

One hitch, though:  I wasn’t home.  My husband answered the door and filled me in on the visit later.

Minor detail.  I don’t expect wisdom to settle upon me, but I am overjoyed that it still roams the world, blessing the unscheduled stragglers when the chance arises.

Happy New Year to all!