Here Comes Peter Cottontail: Easter Traditions in Germany

Easter is just around the corner! Have you ever considered where our Easter traditions come from? Not to go too far down a rabbit hole, but the Easter Bunny seems to have come to America by way of the Pennsylvania Dutch in the late 1600’s or early 1700’s. Back then, the Easter Hare brought good children brightly coloured eggs, while bad children received a handful of “bunny pellets.” That’s a side of the tradition that few of us will miss!
Here’s a look back at German Easter Markets. I doubt they will take place this year, with the pandemic heating up once again in Gemany, but maybe we’ll be able to meet for a market next year!

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Dieser ist die Ostermarkt Sankt Wendel/This is the Easter Market in St. Wendel

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Easter markets are popping up all over Germany, and we visited the market at Sankt Wendel this weekend.  It was busy with market stalls full of painted Easter eggs, wooden Easter crafts, flowers, and jewelry.  There were craft stations for children and food and drink for everyone.  It was a nice day out, especially with the sun shining brighter than it has in many weeks.  Our favorite sights at the market were the Easter Bunny displays and the fantastic Dom (Church) in Sankt Wendel.

DSC_0867The church was the center point of the market festivities, with stalls huddled around her walls.  The photo at left doesn’t do the exterior of the church justice–in the busy, small streets around the church it was hard to get a photo that shows the fantastic double-onion dome (with a third tier “cap”…

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